6 Most Addictive Games to Give You a Boost of Dopamine

Salah Uddin Mahdi


When we refer to “addictive games,” it is not sufficient to simply play a game for an extended period of time. The most addictive games are notorious for posing a challenge that you wish to overcome. While mastering the game and striving for the highest score, you will unknowingly spend hours playing these games.

There are a plethora of addictive games available to play today, but which ones merit a place on your device and are worth playing for hours? Here are the most addictive titles you must add to your extensive collection:

1. Among Us

Among Us, an iconic game developed by Innersloth LLC, tops our list of the most addictive games. Who among us is unfamiliar with this incredible action game? In this entertaining and competitive game, you will have the opportunity to play as an impostor or crewmate and complete your respective objectives.

If selected as an impostor, your mission is to eliminate all crew members without being detected. On the other hand, being a crewmember enables you to effectively complete various tasks and identify the impostor. This game supports four to fifteen participants, which means there will be more impostors to uncover and longer game sessions.


2. Wordscapes

Wordscapes is for you if you’re searching for the most addicting games and have exceptional vocabulary skills. In this game, you will play a combination of word and crossword puzzles while viewing various calming environments.

There are numerous levels to complete in Wordscapes, and you will observe that the puzzles become increasingly difficult as you progress. You are free to use the power-ups, also known as hints, if you become extremely frustrated or trapped on a particular level. You can also use these options by expending the stars you’ve accumulated from previous levels.

3. Crossy Road

Hipster Whale’s Crossy Road is another time-consuming game that is highly addicting. The objective of this game is to navigate an adorable animal character across busy streets. Easy? These roadways are filled with numerous hazardous obstacles and heavy traffic. You must protect your animal character from these threats, or you will forfeit the game. Don’t neglect to gather coins, too.

As you progress in Crossy Road, you will have the opportunity to acquire additional adorable characters, such as a horse, cow, unicorn, and more. You can only activate these creatures with the coins you’ve accumulated from previous levels. Even though the game’s graphics resemble polygons, you will appreciate playing it for hours.


4. Clash Mini

If you are the type of player who enjoys highly addictive strategy games, you should give Supercell’s Clash Mini a try. In this game, you will use Minis to engage in battle on the Clash Mini Board through strategic use of their abilities.

There are two game modes to investigate in Clash Mini: Rumble and Duel. In a duel, you will engage in a 1v1 combat, whereas in a Rumble, you will compete against seven opponents. To gain an advantage over your opponents in this game, you should be more strategic with your movements and choose to upgrade your minis.

5. June’s Journey Hidden Objects

June’s Journey is perfect for you if you enjoy playing puzzle-adventure games. This game is ideal for those who aspire to become Sherlock Holmes, as you assume the role of June Parker, an amateur detective. You are charged with solving a crime and gathering clues from New York to Paris.

As you travel to different locations, you must discover clues that will help you solve the crime. The list is located at the bottom of the game’s interface. There are certain locations that will significantly challenge your eyesight. There are hundreds of hidden-object scenarios to complete, so you must maintain the sharpest vision possible.


6. Granny

DVloper developed and published the independent horror game Granny as part of the Slenderina series. The game features an unnamed protagonist who is trapped in a home for five days and must solve puzzles while avoiding a “Granny” in order to escape. These “days” function more like a lives system than a strict time limit. Therefore, each day is as lengthy as you need it to be, ending only if you are severely injured or caught by the crazy old lady (also known as “Granny“).

Note, however, that these failings are cumulative: the player’s character becomes weaker and more damaged each day. From the horrific appearance of Granny to the shadowy corners of each chamber, this horror game will give you the chills every time you play it.


There you have it! Now that you have a list of the most addicting games, it’s time to determine which of these titles best suites your gaming preferences.