The most important information about IVF Treatment Pakistan

Salah Uddin Mahdi

IVF Treatment Pakistan

When does the bottle baby program, i.e., in vitro fertilization, take place?
Couples whose pregnancy would not have occurred without the help of insemination (artificial sperm injection) will be enrolled in the bottle baby program, and couples who have already had several unsuccessful insemination attempts can also request IVF Treatment Pakistan.

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Before treatment

After the couple has decided that they want to participate in IVF treatment, the first step is to choose the IVF center, taking into account its distance from the place of residence, because once the treatment starts, sometimes a control test is performed every 2 days. After that, a consultation appointment must be requested, during which a certain waiting time must be expected.

It is advisable to bring the test results of both parties to the first consultation, as well as the documents of the previous treatments, so that they are avoided unnecessarily, Based on the results so far, the doctor outlines the treatment plan and determines what tests are necessary to supplement them, and which ones need to be repeated.

Lifestyle change

In addition to medical treatment, physical and mental preparation and the development of a suitable lifestyle can also help to promote success.

Course of treatment

The treatment is a complex procedure consisting of several steps, the first step of which is the hormonal stimulation of the ovaries, ovulation induction.

With the help of hormone-containing medicines, we achieve that several follicles start to develop at the same time, which will most likely yield more eggs suitable for fertilization. The first difficulty is the administration of hormone-containing injections, which must be inserted under the skin, preferably at the same time every day.

Puncture – extraction of oocytes from the body

The end of the stimulation treatment is the extraction of the oocytes from the body, the puncture. The puncture will take place on a predetermined day, in the morning hours, based on continuous checks. Follicular aspiration is performed under anesthesia, so you must appear in the morning on an empty stomach, equipped with a nightgown, slippers, and a robe.

After checking and submitting the pre-filled documents (in which, among other things, you must declare how many embryos you want to get back out of the maximum 3, and whether you want to freeze the remaining embryos), the female members of the couples, dressed in nightgowns, wait for their turn in the preparation room. The puncture is performed in the operating room, the aspirated cells are placed in a container containing a special nutrient solution, where they are stored until fertilization with sperm cells.

While the lady is lying on the operating table, the male member of the couple, after 3-5 days of abstinence, produces a sample employing masturbation in the area designated for this purpose, which is prepared for insemination. After a few hours of observation after the puncture, they wait at home the next day, when they can inquire about the fertilization of the cells.

IVF Cost in Pakistan

How is an embryo transfer reimplanted?

Reimplantation, i.e., embryo transfer, is done vaginally, a painless procedure that takes a few minutes. Through the cervix, the thin catheter containing the pre-embryos is guided into the uterine cavity, and then they are carefully injected.

To be successful, it is worth spending the few days after the implantation with active rest. The following 2-3 weeks are the most difficult period in every couple’s life. Signs of pregnancy become detectable after 2 weeks, at the earliest, after the HCG injection.

The pregnancy tests available IVF Cost in Pakistan are also suitable for this purpose, but complete certainty can only be given by an ultrasound examination following a positive pregnancy reaction, which is performed 1 week later.

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